Monday Motivation: Cobo Edition

“Purely by hard work, one can become an artist”
Robert Fripp

Today we feature Ricardo Cobo performing Leo Brouwer’s Concerto Elegiaco. All three movements are on youtube, relatively good sound quality too!

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  • Bobber

    I had never heard this composition before and never heard Cobo either. His right hand kind of reminds me of Lorimer. Good stuff!

  • Matthew Linder
    Matthew Linder

    I think Cobo is pretty awesome, but, as a huge fan of Bream’s original recording of this piece, I’m not really into Cobo’s interpretation of it. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t criticize, since Brouwer obviously approves of his ideas, but the way he plays the rhythms just irks me. It doesn’t seem very Elegiac to take it so fast and swing it so much.

    It’s a great piece, though, and Cobo is a fantastic guitarist.

    (I’m probably so nitpicky about this because I played this piece, and you know how that goes…)