An Interview with Scott Tennant

During my first year of undergrad the LAGQ visited. I was about two months into playing classical guitar. I didn’t even own a guitar recording; I had no clue what the instrument could do. The LAGQ concert was my first guitar concert, and I left inspired.

I remember watching Scott Tennant closely. I was amazing by the things he was doing. It was a privilege to talk with one of the guitarists who inspired me to play pursue classical guitar as a career.

In addition to kicking ass on guitar, Scott also writes a blog, maintains a Facebook page, and tweets.

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  • Bobber

    Great interview Chris. Some very insightful stuff covered there. Quite interesting to hear about his work with Serano and his views on flamenco techniques helping classical. But all of your questions were good and the responses excellent. I was a bit surprised that he didn’t mention Yamashita as a guitarist who opened up things in a manner similar to Paco de Lucia. And also Eliot Fisk but that’s kind of my own bias I suppose.

    Thanks to Scott for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do this. I hope his neck problem improves.

  • Chris Lamb

    I enjoyed the interview, Chris. Thank you.

    Scott came across as being very relaxed and a lot of interesting comments and opinions.

    Thanks again, both of you 🙂

  • kenny hill

    Fine interview. Simple questions and honest answers. Scott is authentic and generous. He has rarified abilities but a down on earth attitude, and we’re lucky to get so much of his observation, so casual and candid. He’s an interesting man, an inspiring talent, and a worthy leader. What else do you want?

    I’m slow arriving to the medium, but what a lucky find! Thanx.


  • mark k

    CAn anyone tell me the name of the pieec that Scott plays on his pumping nylon DVD? You only hear it for like 5 seconds as an intro to his hand position segment. I am dying to know the name of that since I’ve had it on tape for 30 years but dont know the title.


  • payman fakharian

    i am guitarist and composer,i composed a piece to scott tennant,can you helpe me to send it to him? because i havent eny mail address,thanks