Xuefei Yang on BBC

BBC’s Story of the Guitar includes bits of performance and an interview with Xuefei Yang. I stumbled on this interview yesterday, and thought it might be of interest.

And a few bits of performance (Recuerdos and Asturias).

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  • Kristofer


    I like your blog a lot! Really cool. I have a guitarblog too, maybe you can put a link to my blog on your page if i put link to yours on my page?:)


  • Max

    “…but you have to hear it in the big hall…then you can feel the power (of the guitar).”

    What an odd statement to come from a guitarist. I have no idea why people feel they need to rely on acoustics when playing any instrument. Yes, it’s an effect, but that’s all it is. I don’t believe there should ever be one accepted medium to present music.
    She may not feel that to be true either. But when she said (Asturias) needed to be heard within a large hall it sounded like such a knee-jerk response that the implication was certainly there.