Classical Guitar at the White House Tonight (11/4/09)

Guitarist Sharon Isbin, violinist Joshua Bell, and other musicians will perform live at the White House tonight at 7:15pm (eastern standard time).

The best part? You can watch it! Just go to at 7pm EST tonight. Here’s the story about what’s going on tonight; it includes some videos of rehearsal.

I won’t be able to watch tonight, but hopefully they release the concert footage.

Let me know in the comments if you watch it and what you thought!

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  • Cary Terry

    Logged on and only got a blank grey box. Everyone was commenting on how wonderful Sharon was and I got audio or video. Hated to miss that.

  • Anese

    If you someone got a recording for that concert please post the link ..thanks

  • Bobber

    I didn’t think Isbin performance was that great. Here solos were ok but nothing spectacular. I thought she played the Granados dance poorly and took too much liberty with the rhythm. It seemed to lack intensity. The other two pieces were ok but again not super for me. I think the amplification of her guitar was also bad. during her solos it sounded like there was a rug inside the guitar. During the duet with Joshua Bell, the guitar was too loud making the mix of the two instruments not that great. But Bell’s playing was quite good.

    The cellist Weilersteiner I thought completely overshadowed the other performers. She was really sensational.