Monday Motivation: Tears Edition

“The love of one’s art is an aspect of technique.”
–Bruce Adolphe

I’ve got a little John Dowland on the brain lately. Here’s Flow My Tears, an extremely popular lute song of his.

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  • PTM

    Can anyone comment on the right hand technique of the lutenist? He’s coming at the strings from a very oblique angle, and his thumb actually finishes inside of his fingers, rather outside, as we’re taught. Is this just a lute thing? Thanks,

  • Sam Desmet

    A lute is not a guitar for sure… and yes, that right hand technique is pretty common. Some even use the pinky for stability and put it on the soundboard. There’s a discussion as well when it comes to (not) using nails too.

    About the performance: well done, although I think I would play it faster…

  • bobber

    This is actually the correct way to play the Lute. It is historically accurate. Do a Youtube search on Paul O’Dette. He plays the same way. Also look at some historical paintings and you will say it is the way Lute players are portrayed as they play.