More Free Music

If you’ve connected with me on twitter or Facebook, you already know this.

There’s a new piece of music on the Free Stuff page: an arrangement of Erik Satie’s Gnossienne No. 1.

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  • Matt

    Hey Christopher, I just want to thank you for providing such a wealth of resources here. I’m a 43 year old guy who has just picked up a classical guitar for the first time (a cheap one I bought in a used guitar shop near Hiroshima Station), and I’ve been puzzled by how little really useful information there is online. In contrast, the effort you’re making here is outstanding.

    I’ve tried to keep a blog myself a couple of times, and abandoned it out of loss of inspiration and the demands on my time. I hope you won’t do that, because as far as I can see you’ve got one of the best classical guitar sites online here. Please keep up the good work. And, ahem, podcasts? Anyone else want to see this kid take a crack at podcasting?

  • Steve

    Wow! This is superb playing.
    You manage to hold the rhythm tightly, and not make a mockery of what the composer has meticulously notated!

    I’ve recently heard Barrueco complaining about guitarists not being able to hold the rhythm. He even said that we guitarists have a tradition of bad rhythm. And it’s so true: listen to Segovia: just ridiculous – complete disrespect of the composer’s message!

    Anyway bad-rhythm is not the case here: this is superb, precise and controlled playing, which gives us the composers intention!