Monday Motivation: Beatles Edition

“A good performer jumps on stage, looks out at the audience, and thinks, ‘Here I am!’

A great performer jumps on stage, looks out at the audience, and thinks, ‘There you are!'”
Steve Rapson

Last week, I had the opportunity to watch Stanley Yates do a hour-and-a-half long concert/lecture on the Beatles. He chatted a bit about how he came up with his arrangements, and played about 25 songs. Here’s Strawberry Fields.

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  • Mason Razavi

    Wow, what a cool arrangement. I’ve been thinking I need to find a book of Beatles tunes arranged for classical guitar.

  • PTM

    Can anyone recommend a good set of arrangements? I think I’ve seen several editions for classical guitar out there. -P

  • Censorer

    Of course you may choose to follow that policy.

    But perhaps some person who comments, would be too well know; and wishes to remain anonymous, in order not to attract too much attention!

    • Christopher Davis

      Which is fine. The biggest thing I look for is an addition to the discussion. I’m fine with people not agreeing with everything I post, but if someone doesn’t like something they should be able to say, “this is crap, here’s why….” in a coherent manner. I don’t publish things that just say, “this sucks, ” it its various forms.

  • Jeffrey Bianchi

    This is a cool video to see, but what I really like about it was seeing a world renoun player move FORWARD and try something NEW with the guitar… I think it’s key showing people it’s ok to experiment.

  • guitar speed

    That was great. A lot of fun actually. Before I watched the video I thought “how can you really keep the integrity of the song while doing something new with it?”, but he did just that. His playing is very clean and soft. He doesn’t force the notes. Must have been a real joy to see this live.