Happy New Year!

Happy new year! and thanks for spending the past year with The Classical Guitar Blog. When I started this website in November 2008 on a whim (and with out much of a solid plan). It’s been my pleasure to write the various articles found on this website. It’s my hope that these articles have made you think. I don’t claim to have many answers about guitar playing, but it’s been fun to figure some out over the past year.

In the past year, the traffic for the CG Blog has grown over 300%. It’s exciting to spread the word about classical guitar, and I’m pumped to continue doing it.

As always, I’m trying to add value to this website for you. The addition of more new authors is certainly one feature that I hope to bring. In addition, more interviews and articles are coming (as always!).

If you have any suggestions for content or features on this blog, please let me know in the comments.

Top Posts from 2009 (based on traffic)

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  3. Classical Guitar and Fingernails
  4. Fingernail Basics
  5. Guitar Scales: The Left Hand
  6. Guitar Scales: The Right Hand
  7. Technical Exercises for the Absolute Beginner

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