Heike Matthiesen Interview

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Heike Matthiesen

Heike Matthiesen is a concert guitarist based in Germany. Unlike most professionals today, she started guitar very late. She was great to talk to: enthusiastic about what she’s doing and the instrument and full of useful advice. Heike is very open to interacting with her fans, and you can connect with her on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Myspace.

Heike Matthiesen on…

  • How she started on guitar
  • What contributed to her rapid development after starting guitar at age 18
  • Things learned studying with Pepe Romero
  • “Living on stage”

Heike Matthiesen on…

  • Her CD of Dyens’ music
  • Plans for the next recording
  • A bit about Heike’s involvement in production/editing of her recordings
  • Her plans to play concerts in the US

Heike Matthiesen on…

  • Tips for guitarists
  • How she uses social media

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  • Steve Kutzer
    Steve Kutzer

    What a wonderful interview and what a wonderful, charming guitarist. Thanks for the hard work in putting this together!

  • zenTaurus

    thanks for sharing this. wonderful interview and helpful insights. keep up the good work.