Thames Guitar Comparison

Seth Guillen, a friend of mine, and I have three Thames guitars between us. So we both played a piece on all three and filmed it to see what kind of differences we could find.

  • Guitar One: 2009 Michael Thames – Cedar top, Indian rosewood back/sides
  • Guitar Two: 2007 Michael Thames – Cedar top, Brazilian rosewood back/sides
  • Guitar Three: 2010 Michael Thames – Double top (spruce outside, cedar inside), Brazilian rosewood back and sides

Thoughts on the guitars?

PS: youtube seems to have distorted the audio on the first video, sorry.

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  • Max

    I cant’ tell a thing with these videos. Unfortunately, YouTube crushes the highs and lows into an mp3 so it’s impossible to get an accurate representation to know the difference between the guitars.

    If you really wanted to get opinions on these you’d need to record yourself in redbook audio (.wav) format and upload it somewhere uncompressed. It’s going to be a much bigger file, but accurate.