Three Ways to Develop an Arpeggio

We can take the most basic of arpeggios and develop them in several ways. The first is to just move the thumb around. Second, move the whole thing around. Third, rotate through the fingers (explained in detail here).

What else should I do video lessons on?

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  • franck B

    Really interesting course, thank you!
    By the way, I was taught something much along the same lines, to try and work on as many right hand-fingerings as I could for a given arpeggio. It is said to help develop right-hand fingers independance. Do you agree with that?


    • Christopher Davis

      I agree to a point. Most RH technique is about sympathetic motion in my opinion. Learning to use sympathetic motion effectively makes doing any sort of arpeggio much easier.

  • Pete M

    I really like the video format! Watching someone perform a specific technique versus reading about how to perform it can be more effective. I work with developing computer based training so we are always trying to come up with the best way to address our learners. Maybe whenever there is a technique-based post, it would be great to at least have an accompanying video after the text. That way you could read about it, then see it in action.