Branding for Better Practicing

A brand is an identity. When I say “Nike,” you think shoes. When I say, “Yamaha,” you’d probably think of guitars. Both those are brands: strong identities associated with a name.

Musicians, especially those trying to make a living in music, should have brands as well. A brand is easy to think up, just ask yourself, “what do I want to be when I ‘grow up’?”

More than Business

A strong brand can give a business direction to an entrepreneurial musician, but everyone should have a brand because goals are important.

Having a brand is the same as have a long-term goal. Do you want to perform concerts? How many? What sort of practicing does that require? How about being a studio guitarist? You better be good at sight reading and an incredibly consistent player.

Those are two more business-like examples, but the possibilities are endless. Do you want to perform for family and friends? How do you practice for that? (by performing for them a lot!) Do you want to be able to play restaurant gigs? Or do weddings? Having that sort of brand, being a wedding musician, can provide a direction to your practice time and repertoire on which to work.

Brands are not just for businesses and professional musicians. What’s your brand?

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  • Chris

    Can you really make a living with music??

    I’d like to see a post on this.

    Because I’ve just read the following, written by
    Arne Svindland – classical guitarist:
    “- Wanted to make a living as a guitarist, but since
    I’m not Pepe Romero and very few people bother
    going to a concert with a mediocre classical guitarist
    I decided to do something else for a living;)
    Worked in a factory, took a bunch of courses and a
    2-year technical degree in petroleum, and now I
    work offshore on an oil platform…”

    Food for though…. !

    • Christopher Davis

      Sure is. Considering most of my income comes from marketing consulting and web work, I’d say Arne is somewhat right. Now, that said, could I make a living with music? Absolutely — but I’m more interest in doing wordpress development and coding right now. Could I make a living performing? No. But being a musician is about doing more than performing. There’s only two guitarists in the entire world that only make a living performing: John Williams and David Russell. Even Pepe, who Arne holds up as an example, has a teaching gig at USC.

      That’s something to think about.