Free Stuff: Ornamentation Ebook

During the fall semester I wrote a lengthy paper on ornamentation on the guitar. It begins with an examination of renaissance free ornamentation (divisions). Next, it moves on to baroque ornamentation, then 19th century ornaments. The final section of the ebook examines some technical considerations for realizing ornamentation on the guitar.1

It should serve to get you guys some basic info on ornamentation.

Ornamentation and the Guitar: A Overview of Style and Technique

Hope you like it! (let me know if you find any typos!)

1 This section should have included information on Glissandi, which are a important stylistic element in the 19th century ornamentation. Unfortunately, that information did not make in. Anyone interested in learning about glissandi can check out Aguado’s New Guitar Method. An English translation of this work is floating around, but it is currently out of print. Giuliani’s Opus 1 also includes some studies dealing with Glissandi.

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  • Brian

    Thanks! It is very kind of you to make your work available like this, especially in this day and age where it sometimes seems like one cannot breathe anymore without first paying someone for it. 🙂