Monday Motivation: Aguado Edition

“Music is a means of rapid transportation”
-John Cage

I heard Aguado’s famous Rondo performed in a concert last week, and ended up reading through some of Aguado’s etudes as well. He’s a surprising composer who doesn’t get a lot of credit it seems. Here’s Bream performing Aguado’s Rondo. The video also includes some Bream talking a bit about the composer.

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  • DFP

    I have always had an affinity for Aguado’s music. As a player I prefer his studies to Sor’s (yes, a heresy in most circles!) though that’s a tough call. And Julian Bream knocks this one out of the park! What a challenging piece!

  • Richard S Cooke
    Richard S Cooke

    Isit weird that I have this DVD up on my second monitor (Guitarra: A musical journey through Spain)
    I stillwatched the video tho…
    Bream rules!