Monday Motivation: Baden Powell Edition

“Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.”
-Henry Van Dyke

Stepping a bit outside the strictly “classical” guitar stuff this week. This is a video of Baden Powell accompanying himself singing. His son runs a website where you can find a lot of Baden Powell’s Music in PDF format.


Odds and Ends

I will be at the Rosario Guitar Festival this weekend: doing the competition and hanging out. If you’re going to be there, get in touch. We’ll hang out.

Along those same lines, I’m also planning on being at the University of Louisville Guitar Festival May 28-31 and the APSU Summer Guitar Workshop in June (I’m working at this one). If you will be at either event, please get in touch! Maybe there can be a CG blog party at the APSU workshop?

Summer is officially here, and I have more time. As such, I have a few more openings for webcam students. If you’re interested in doing webcam lessons, feel free to email me and we can figure out if they would work for you.

I’m making it my goal to do more short video lessons this summer. Suggestions for topics are welcome.

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