Monday Motivation: Sartor Edition

“Purely by hard work, one can become an artist.”
-Robert Fripp

I had a chance to see Marco Sartor in concert at the Rosario Guitar Festival. He was, simply put, amazing. Great player with a refined sense of musicianship and the technique to convey every detail he wishes. If you have a chance to catch Marco Sartor in concert, do it.

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  • David Norton
    David Norton

    He has an “unfair advantage” with extremely long fingers. He needs to play a 680mm scale and 56mm width to make it fair! 🙂

  • Weston

    WOW. Amazing performance, thanks for sharing. Lucky you to see him in concert :). Speaking of, does anyone know of a website that shows all classical guitar concerts/artists that are coming to town nationally or internationally? It’s so hard to know when someone is playing a show locally since it’s more low key in terms of promotions for classical guitarists. I saw Pablo Sainz Villegas here in San Diego and he was outstanding. Though I only heard through word of mouth from my teacher but I’m dying to attend every concert possible to stay inspired.