Classical Guitar Gets Some Major Online Press

Many of you have probably seen the very small, very good North Korean girl playing classical guitar on youtube.

In the past week her video made it onto the Huffington Post and College Humor. Kind of amazing.

Maybe we’ll get some new classical guitar fans out of this? I hope so. We could use them.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Will

    It seems society is into small viral snippets of temporary interest, thanks to our development of ADD, rather than putting in the effort to learn and master a style like classical guitar. Some ideas I have are:

    -present very simple tunes to play on any guitar not just a nylon string
    -teach people how to improvise and make up their own tunes rather than just play the usual pieces. I’ve been presenting material on how to improvise in the baroque style on any guitar (not just classical) and analyzing chord progressions of tunes by Bach, etc thanks to the inspiration of the late Ted Greene.

    If we assume that jazz is more popular than classical, then using pop standards and making them sound classical and adding improvisation could help.

  • rickybluenote

    Great link – in spite of some the jingoistic anti-(north)korean commentary on this and related youtube sites – but what is their teaching method?


  • ye

    You ask about the teaching method of technically incredible Koreans and Chinese?

    They don’t use the disgusting western trend of: “you have to hold the hand like this (showing pictures of Segovia and Aguado)”.

    Additionally they have a methodical approach, based a simple check if that what they DO… actually brings the RESULTS that are desired.

    In contrast: Western music mindset is so disgustingly corrupt, that what we DO, is considered and valued so highly (“tradition”, “proven method”, “authentic”, “correct”), that we don’t question it, and blindly believe that if the RESULTS are not yet fully there, its because we’re not DOing it strictly enough. –eventually leading to the modern mindset of “either you’re blessed with musicality or not”.

  • Zach

    Guys…! There are good and bad things about each method. So we cannot just conclude that Chinese method is good or western method good. We have to choose the best from every method. Music has no language or geographical barriers.