Help Chris Find Concert Venues

I have a few big gigs/events to go to next year, but they’re spread across many months. I’d like to use each gig as a base, and play concerts along the way.

Here’s the routes I have to take:

  1. Dallas, TX to Clarksville, TN – this one is around March 18, 2011.
  2. Dallas, TX to Macomb, IL – Around April 7th, 2011. I can also go through OK City and Wichita and Kansas City on this one. If there’s places to play there, that is.
  3. Dallas, TX to the Los Angeles Area – In Late October 2011. I would like to drive and play a few concerts on the way, but otherwise I’ll have to fly.

Do you know any venues in the areas or along the way? Would you like to host a house concert? Are you a classical guitar teacher and want to have a Masterclass or Concerts just for your students? Please leave a comment below or get in touch via email.

Thank you!

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  • Justin Rutledge
    Justin Rutledge

    Chris – Don’t know how far outside of Clarksville, TN, you want to go, but here is a venue in Huntsville, AL, you might be interested in playing in March or some other time:

    Richard Smith, whom you’ve mentioned a lot lately, played there with Julie, his cellist wife, Friday night (7/16). I missed that show (for absolutely no good reason). I believe he and Julie have played the venue previously.

    Anyway, it’s a neat place, and I think it would be terrific for you to play the Huntsville area.

  • Weston Bouchér

    Hi Chris,

    I know you didn’t mention San Diego but since you mentioned Los Angeles I thought I’d bring up the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego (La Jolla Specifically). It’s an amazing venue for classical guitarists. I saw the Grigorian Brothers play there and I’ll actually be performing there with our guitar ensemble this September.

    The acoustics of this venue are incredible. Here’s he details…(there are requirements though to use it)…

    I also wanted to mention how grateful I am to have found your blog. Tons of great info. Thanks for all you do.