Monday Motivation: Yepes Edition

“They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
-Andy Warhol

Narciso Yepes had a very fast, clean tremolo. The speed itself creates a nice effect to my ears: the melody sounds like a consistent and constant shimmer. I wish it was a more sweet sound, though, and less bright.


I’m moving to Texas this week! the Dallas area to be specific. If you want some guitar lessons, and are in that area, hit me up. Or, if you’re elsewhere, there’s always webcam lessons.

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  • fj

    Indeed you are correct in pointing out some reservations about Yepes.
    He has a kind of staccato, attacking tremolo which resembles a machine gun.

    Of course he manages some phrasing there (with a fine variation of speed, quicker – slower), but it does not manage to overcome the negative effects of the tone.

    Some good “Alhambras” have been done by Xuefei Yang, Stepan Rak, this man ( and others…

  • Kris King
    Kris King

    Awesome! Welcome to Texas. I’m a Guitar Performance major at Texas State University. What brings you to the lone-star state? We have a great classical guitar scene here, and UT Dallas brings in a lot of good artists. I’m sure you’ll love it.