News: CG Blog featured on Total Guitar’s “Blog of the Week”

The Classical Guitar Blog was featured on Total Guitar’s Blog of the Week.

I’m honored to be included! One of my goals for this site is to expand the audience for classical guitar, and getting coverage from more mainstream guitar magazines is a great way to do that.

Welcome Total Guitar readers!

Here’s some of the things that go on here at the Classical Guitar Blog.

On Practicing

  • Goal Oriented Guitar Practice. How to use various goals to give your practicing focus and direction.
  • Finding Time to Practice. Everyone is busy, but finding to practice does not have to be difficult. Set aside a time every day that’s always for practicing.
  • Micro-Practice for Big Results. Who says a fifteen minute practice session is a waste of time? This post explains how to make most of short practice sessions.
  • Deconstructing a Mistake. A technical or music event is something that gives you trouble. Breaking down that event and finding the elements with in it is the key to fixing problems. That’s what practicing should be about. It’s not just pure repetition.
  • Five Reasons to Start a Practice Log (today). Practice logs make you a better guitarist. I’ve written on this multiple times. Still need convincing? Read this article.

On Performing

Some Others