All About Double Tops

These two videos give a history of the double top, show off some of the materials involved, and talk about the benefits of a double top. It seems that the videos are more geared towards guitar builders, but it’s still pretty fascinating for the non-builder.

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  • Wilson Burnham

    These tips by Robbie O’Brien are wonderful, I’ve looked at several of them at LMI’s website and have found them very informative and helpful in my pursuit of lutherie. I want to say that I think that more guitarists need to visit their local guitar makers and learn more about making a guitar, and more importantly tell the maker what players are looking for in a guitar. I started making guitars because I couldn’t afford to buy the ones that I really liked, it’s amazing what one can do with your own hands, now I make copies of 19th century and 20th century guitars. Scot Tremblay is another guitarist turned maker, the same for Kenny Hill. Don’t be afraid to seek out luthiers and talk to them. You’ve got a great website!

    Wilson Burnham