An Interview with Michael Chapdelaine

Michael Chapdelaine has been in the guitar business for a long time. He studied with Segovia and many other of the older maestros, and has a unique perspective on the guitar world today–he’s not afraid to tell you exactly what he thinks. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I do.

Part One

  • How Michael got started on the guitar
  • When he started playing classical guitar and how fingerstyle came into the picture
  • How some of the fingerstyle stuff Michael has done carried over into his original compositions

Part Two

  • Michael explains how fingerstyle influenced his classical guitar playing
  • What Michael does in a typical concert program
  • About his recordings

Part Three

  • How classical guitar has changed since Michael’s days as a student
  • About the infamous Segovia master class

Part Four

  • Tips and thoughts for guitarists

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  • Nom Depleume
    Nom Depleume


    Wrap it in gold and send it out.
    Informative and insightful interview, well done.
    I,m closer to mike’s age, plus, and never a Rock Head, more Class, Beatles, Dylan, Folk.

    He is spot on! Get this out to all ears.

    Art is the perception and expression of Life AS IT IS NOW IN THE UNIVERSES.

    PS: Remember, Kid, yer still a student.

  • Pete

    Michael, dude…
    sorry to say this…

    but you look really tired and power-out.

    What are you doing all day?
    I mean… it might be that you’re really worried?
    Or you like spend to much time on the net or something? (Doing what??)

    Whatever it is… : If you can share it… that’d be great.

    (Nice interview anyway…)

    • mc

      Pete…….thanks for your concern, and interest in the interview.
      i just found your note from over a year ago.
      that period you refer to, was the worst that I think life gets and of course it was obvious to all that I wasn’t well. Just a few weeks later I had a near-fatal bike accident. My life-long therapist and the person who knows me better than probably anyone alive (my mom) insists that I did it on purpose (i can’t say with any conviction that she is not right).
      the problem was a 3 year divorce constructed of and executed with a level of human cruelty and vengeance, along with unlimited funding for her legal staff, that I did not know could actually be possible.
      i know that eveybody’s divorce is unpleasant and I am not looking for sympathy. That was simply the cause of and explanation for what you sensed to not be right about the man in front of the camera.
      I probably don’t look a whole lot better yet, but recovery has begun.
      i like the interview and think it has a good content and spirit to offer as long as one can give the speaker the benefit of the doubt. I am grateful to Chris for having the courage and compassion to keep it alive and available.
      happy trails to you!