An Interview with SoloDuo

Last summer the (now defunct) Fort Worth Guitar Guild brought in SoloDuo. Their concert was phenomenal, and it was great to sit down and chat with them. Matteo Mela and Lorenzo Micheli are two of the finest musicians around, and the interview contains a lot of wisdom about interpretation, music, and the guitar.

Part One

  • How they got together as a duo
  • The repertoire SoloDuo performs and how they choose it
  • Their latest program of all transcriptions and if the two plan on doing any transcribing of their own

Part Two

  • How they work develop an interpretation as a duo
  • Tips for developing interpretive skills

Part Three

  • Using Analysis for interpretation
  • Tips for guitarists
  • About their latest CD and upcoming projects

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  • sed

    Good comment about not only playing but also “seeing yourself in the mirror” – perhaps by playing with others.
    I’m sure many people – guitarists in particular – would find funny things in rhythm, such as rushing or slowing down or other distortions!

    Nice interview!

  • sed

    The value of the score is also a good point.
    Sometimes “distortions” in ones playing come from disregard of things, that you’d have found – had you spent more time analyzing the score!