William Kanengiser on Practicing Less, Posture, and Interpretation

Bill Kanengiser did a few videos for Artist House Music a while back, but I just stumbled upon them.

In the first he discusses the benefits of practicing less. As you know, practicing efficiently is covered a lot on the CG Blog. It’s great to hear other guitarists saying the same things.

The second video covers the importance of posture and breathing for guitarists, and it’s a good reminder. The final video is about making musical decisions. The most important advice you’ll ever get about interpretation: “I try to make most of my musical decisions without the guitar.”

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  • Justin

    I find that, following a day or two of missed practice/playing, things sound and feel fresh, spontaneous, new. Consistent guitaring is a valuable habit to get into and necessary for artful, effective musicianship; but, as is often the way with habit, it can annihilate some of the verve for which you play in the first place and for which an audience comes to listen.

  • Karen

    Loved these videos. Thank you for posting them.

    He made excellent points about hand position, body position, and purposeful, focused practice.

    I gain so much from your blog and appreciate the efforts you put into it. My playing has greatly improved in the last year, in part due to your blog, and due to finding an excellent teacher.

    I once asked you for help on my right hand, and I’m glad to say my right hand has now greatly improved! No more stressed pinky.

  • Bob

    The youtube Kanengiser videos have been terminated. Guess I signed up too late. Shucks. No need to post this comment. Hopefully, those videos can be posted, again.