An Interview with Matthew Hinsley

Matthew Hinsley is the executive director of the Austin Classical Guitar Society (ACGS), the largest organization of its kind in the United States.

This interview focused mainly on the business side of music because Matt is such a wellspring of information about that world. He talks about the ACGS history and what factors were crucial in growing the organization to what it is today. Additionally, the last video has some tips for guitarists about professionalism and marketing from a promoters perspective.

Dr. Hinsley just released a book with much more detailed advice on building a small- to medium-sized arts non-profit. The book, Creativity to Community: Arts Nonprofit Success One Coffee at a Time, is available on Lulu in hardcover or ebook format. Additionally, Matt has published a guitar method for children.

Part 1

  • When Dr. Hinsley got started playing guitar.
  • How he came to live in Austin, TX.
  • A brief history of the Austin Classical Guitar Society.
  • How the ACGS made the leap to a big, community oriented organization.

Part 2

  • Balancing performing/teaching and being an arts administrator.
  • How the ACGS guitar curriculum came about.

Part 3

  • Advice about starting a non-profit arts organization.
  • About Matt’s new book.
  • Advice for guitarists.

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  • William Ash

    Thank you, Matt, for sharing so generously. There is great advice for everyone here–performers, administrators, fans–of classical guitar. I look forward to the maturation of the classical guitar as a recognized and well-supported art form in America, which in turn relies on the increased professionalism of our guitar societies for its support. Our potential as an art form is enormous, and you and your organization are in the vanguard of its growth. Bravo!