Monday Motivation: Not Guitar

“[M]ake time for yourself to learn something useful; stop letting yourself be pulled in all directions.”
-Marcus Aurelius (trans. Gregory Hays)

You you’re a fan of the CG Blog on Facebook you may have already seen this video. Otherwise, prepare to be amazed. This is not a guitar video, but it is a guitar piece: the prelude from Bach’s Lute Suite in E major. Not only is the instrument unique, the interpretation is really enjoyable.

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  • DFP

    Beautiful! I saw a player of this caliber just off the Plaza Mayor in Madrid (best I’ve ever seen!) and I’ve always wished I’d shot video of him. He played piece after piece at this level and made it look so effortless!

    Glorious sound, but I’d rather have to tune a guitar!

  • Justin

    wow, really great! Love how he incorporated his finger wetting (?) into his phrasing. Do they sell glass harps, or do you just assemble that thing yourself.