News: GuitarBurst Launches

GuitarBurst is a database of guitar music. It’s not a free PDF website, but it is a sort of information database specifically about the repertoire.

In other words, you can look up a composer (or search by publisher, or piece title, or many other things), find the entry for a given piece and you’ll get this:

GuitarBurst Entry

Info on reading and difficulty levels, the highest position used, duration, publishers, and notes about the piece in general. The best part? Any of those fields are searchable on GuitarBurst. So if you’re looking for a piece in first position with primarily an arpeggio texture, you could search those attributes.

This is super powerful, and I hope you can make some use of it!

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  • Justin

    I’ve spent some time playing around with this. Seems like it could prove useful. It would be nice to find pieces based on difficulty range, as I often find myself tackling things way harder than I should be. Thanks for posting this.

  • Justin

    One thing I noticed Scott, is the notes section sometimes cuts off short. It looks like you wrote more notes, but it won’t let you scroll down to see them. For instance the notes on Alonso Mudarra’s Fantasia (que contrahaze la harpa en la manera de Luduvico), the notes end on “However the…”, seems like there is more there, but I can’t scroll down to see it.

  • Jeffrey Bianchi

    Thanks for sharing this site. This site combined with you tube (for listening to the pieces) makes the task of finding new repertoire so much easier.