Classical Guitar Blog Roundup [Links]

2011 could be the year that classical guitar blogs take off. So let me point in the direction of some cool posts from the classical guitar blogs this week.

The Difficulties of Manuscripts

Steven Thachuk, a guitar professor at Cal State Northridge, addresses some interesting issues brought up by the Ponce Sonata Romantica Manuscript.

The changes that occur in the opening movement lack any documentation, so the performer is left wondering which version to play. At best, the published version represents the collaboration between composer and performer, at worst, it is Segovia’s changes without Ponce’s involvement. … Do I perform the composer’s original intentions, or what one can assume are the changes he wanted for the final edition?

It’s a fascinating read from a veteran performer and teacher.

Old School Music Knowledge

William Bajzek took some time to write out a quotation from Louis Drouët on Finishing a Piece.

The quotation is taken from an 1830 method on playing the flute, but the advice is good for anyone. My favorite part is that Douët recommends stopping at the end of each phrase. Something guitarists should note.

Your Knowledge is Useless

Philip Hii notes how useless information is unless you do something with it.

The truly elite people are those leverage their knowledge into real results. Unfortunately this takes a lot of effort, and very few are willing to put in the time.

Vihuela Music is Awesome

The guitar’s renaissance ancestor is the Vihuela. And if you to hear its music in the hands of a master, listen to Kevin Gallagher play Two Fantasias by Luis de Narváez

As per usual, Kevin sounds fantastic.

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  • Brian

    Great links! I especially love the Philip Hii post about “useless information is unless you do something with it”. So true!!