New Additions: Guitar Teachers & Guitar Societies

The goal of the Classical Guitar Blog is to be useful to you, good reader.

To that end, there are two new pages available.

First up is a list of classical guitar societies. This list was generated by going through the GFA database for the USA, picking out ones that had websites, and checking the links to make sure they were still active. It’s not complete, and I need your help. If you know of any guitar societies that were missed, or are outside of the US or Canada, please get in touch via the contact page.

Next up is what I hope will grow into a great resource for students looking for classical guitar teachers. If you’re a teacher, please use this submission form to list yourself. Additionally, if you do list yourself, I’ll give you access to three tips that should help you get your website and online presence in order so students can find you via searches.

Two Favor Requests

  • If you have any guitar teacher friends, please let them know about the teacher listing.
  • Please fill out the poll below. Just curious how many of you are “professional” guitarists. Professional means that you make your money from guitar activities.

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