Johan Fostier plays Julio César Oliva [Monday Motivation]

“Part of my joy in learning is that it puts me in a position to teach.”

Johan Fostier is probably not someone you’re familiar with. The Belgian classical guitarist won the Guitar Foundation of America competition in 2001, and has maintained an active performaning and teaching career since. Here Fostier performs a really beautiful piece by Julio César Oliva.

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  • Bram Vermeire
    Bram Vermeire

    Woohoow, go Johan!

    I’m honoured to say I’m inscribed in his class at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent (Belgium), and it’s been one hell of a half year already. Not only is he a great performer (just listen to the recording!), he’s a very clear-cut and insightful teacher who knows just what to say too.

    • Benoît Ducène
      Benoît Ducène

      Well, I finally discovered what music really was with him… Music is now life, full of colours, joy and sadness. It isn’t that easy to study with him, but it is soooooooo rewarding. Enjoy!

      Olé, Maestro.

  • William Bajzek

    Johan’s was the first classical guitar concert I ever went to! I hadn’t heard anything from him since then, so it’s great to see that he’s still at it. His Naxos CD is great!

    • Benoît Ducène
      Benoît Ducène

      Check out more of his CD’s, all worth listening, of course. I especially love the solo Naxos and Niccolo/Guitart and the first Take Four Guitar Quartet CD.

  • Mark Small

    What lovely playing and what a fantastic piece of music. I too would like to know if it is published. I didn’t find it among the Oliva pieces published by GSI.