Classical Guitar Blog Roundup [Links – 1/6/2011]

Philip Hii explains how to product a powerful, loud tone without tension. Sometimes people tend to criticize the fast and loud players, but Hii points out that if you’re able to play like that, “it means you’ve managed to acquire an extremely efficient and relaxed technique.”

Steve Thachuk gives some explanation about how he deals with fingerings in edited scores. This is a great article. Thuchuk divides fingerings into two big categories: The Absolute Positively Only Way to Do Something (probably…) and Fingerings that will help you learn the piece. Essentially, Steve is asking you to figure whether or not edited fingerings convey the editors technical and musical biases. If so, should you let them influence your own musical and technical decisions?

William Bajzek explains some rhythmic exercises that deal with moving the accent in a given passage. I’m a fan of this, and it’s a big part of how I practice tremolo.

Kai from the Guitar Salon blog gives a brief introduction to flamenco with two video lessons. This is a great set of lessons, and if you’re new to flamenco or just curious about it be sure to give it a watch.

There’s new a classical guitar news page on the CG Blog. It includes news stories that I find around the web relating to classical guitar, and links to upcoming guitar festivals. If you’d like to get a festival listed, use the form at the bottom of the news page.

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