Classical Guitar Blog Roundup [Links – 2/13/2011]

Kai from the Guitar Salon Blog gives you an introduction to rasgueado. This is a video lesson that explains a lot of the basics of rasgueado, and gives some technical tips. It’s really good, so go give it a watch.

William wants to know what what you focus on while performing. Your fingers? The music itself? Personally, I focus on looking and hearing ahead of where I am in the music.

Nick Cutroneo found a great video of David Leisner discussing Focal Dystonia. Leisner gives advice that is good for anyone, not just those dealing with focal dystonia.

Finally, Manuel Barrueco does Podcasts and he just released a new one this week. The podcast opens with a good discussion on competitions, and Barrueco talks quite a bit about his experiences at the Toronto Competition.

CGB Updates

The classical guitar news page has been updated to include a lot more guitar festivals. There’s also a new page with a more complete list of guitar festivals and competitions.

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  • William Bajzek

    Thanks for the link!

    I have to say, Kai is doing a great job with the flamenco videos. The first one, about understanding the compas, was the best explanation I’ve ever seen of it. Usually people talk only about the accents and fail to connect it with the rest of the music in an meaningful way.