2011 Great Lakes Guitar Competition Winners

The Great Lakes Guitar Festival & Competition was held April 8-10, 2011 in Rochester, New York.

There were two rounds:

  1. A prelim round where competitors had 8 minutes for a program of their choice.
  2. A final round where three competitors had 20 minutes to play a program of their choice.

The Competition Winners

Great Lakes Competition Winners 2011
The Winners. Front (left to right): Jonathan, Emma, and Piotr with Kenneth Meyer, one of the festival's artists, in the back.

Watch Winner Piotr Pakhomkin Play

Here’s a video of Piotr playing Capricho Arabe by Francisco Tarrega.

The winner information was taken from the Great Lakes Guitar Society Facebook page. Stop by and “like” them to find out about all the cool stuff they do.


  • Orbiterred (Rob)

    Awesome! Emma Rush graduated from the same program as I did and was just here in Halifax a few days ago doing a few concerts, she’s a great player and pretty fun to have a beer with after the show too!