Enno Voorhorst plays Barrios

Today we feature Enno Voorhorst, a fantastic Dutch guitarist. Here is Voorhorst playing Barrios’ Las Abejas. If you like what you hear, there is an entire CD of Voorhorst playing Barrios.

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  • Johnny Lee

    Just found your blog today via Google. Great content.

    This video makes me want to go to the fields somewhere and relax with my acoustic. I’m stuck in noisy NYC however.


  • Cliff

    Isn’t this a right hand to die for? The control and the quality of tone very rare indeed. Do you know why?
    If you look closely, you will see that the movement is generated at the knuckle joint primarily [the MCP joint in anatomical speak] not from the middle joint [PIP joint]. This means that the string is vibrating in an “in/out” direction rather than an “up/down” direction. This, I am convinced, is what gives that solidity and projection. It was surely the dominant feature of Segovia’s right hand.
    Not to mention the musicianship of Ennos! Thank you for introducing his playing to me.