2011 Boston GuitarFest Competition Winners

2011 Boston GuitarFest Competition Winners

The Boston GuitarFest was held June 15-19, 2011. There were two competitions this year: a composition competition and an open division performance competition. Performance competitors had three rounds of mostly free choice repertoire with the exception of a required piece by an Italian composer (or something using an Italian theme).

2011 Performance Competition Winners

First Prize: Edel Munoz
Second Prize: Jerome Mouffe
Third Prize: Alexander Milovanov

boston guitarfest competition winners
Left to Right: Alexander, Jerome, Edel

Watch Winner Edel Munoz Play

This is a video from the final round of the competition.

2011 Composition Competition Winner

Jonathan Godfrey won the composition competition with his work Blue. Night. Pools. Jonathan won a cash prize and his piece will be performed at the 2012 Boston GuitarFest. Be sure to check out Jonathan’s youtube channel.


performance competition
composition competition


  • Fred

    I like the photo of Fisk.

    It reminds me of the movie Blade… or if not that… then he looks like a white ghost with glasses.

    • Christopher Davis

      Ha, harsh! I’m predicting that I will get asked to take that photo down. Actually, I’m going to take it down right now and put up one of the three winners.

      • Fred

        Ah it wasn’t harsh but in jest.

        The new photo is good as well… like the Three Tenors
        … or perhaps a Mafia Trio!


  • Dick

    There’s a problem with Jerome Mouffe’s link that you provide.

    Jerome Mouffe did not come first. What does that tell us?

    It does not matter if you’re able to play ultra-fast (Flight of the Bumblebee, Paganini Caprice 5)….

    It’s not automatically enough to win.