Milos Karadaglic Tiny Desk Concert on NPR

Milos Karadaglic has been getting a lot of attention lately. He’s on the Deutsche Grammophon label, and has had articles about him in the economist, the UK’s Telegraph, and even Guitar World.

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  • Frik

    Nice way of handling tone and definitely a good guitar!

    Regarding the attention that Milos is getting… it’s obvious that he’s being pushed by his artist’s management IMG Artists (Kathryn Enticott, Alex Monsey) and promotion from Red House PR (Lucy Maxwell-Stewart), as well as Deutsche Grammophon.
    They all make sure that he’s visible and it’s working.

  • Mark Sullivan

    I enjoyed the playing and the interview. But I was disappointed that the interviewer didn’t ask about any other guitar styles but rock. Did Milos hear oud players while growing up? What about fingerstyle steel string guitarists, or jazz guitarists? There’s more to guitar than classical vs. rock, and lots of styles that are closer to classical than rock.

  • Brian

    Miloš Karadaglić plays a 2007 Smallman guitar that was lent to him by Paul and Jenny Gillham.

  • Brian

    Michael Lang, President, Deutsche Grammophon, said, “We’re thrilled to work with Miloš – he’s a terrific talent, an engaging personality – and we know the time is now to re-establish the classical guitar in the world of music. Miloš is the one.” (source)

    • Brian

      I guess that’s what EMI were thinking when they signed Xuefei Yang…
      Or when UK’s “Classic FM” decided to support Craig Ogden…

      (But I must say, the marketing around Miloš Karadaglić is pretty effective, or could we even call it “aggressive”?).

  • Pete Mitchell
    Pete Mitchell


    Thanks for sharing this. It is so inspiring to watch him play. I wanted to ask just out of curiosity, what arrangement do you recommend for Asturias as a starting point? Segovia?


    • Robert

      Who the hell is Segovia? Nobody takes his stuff as a reference.
      Kidding… 😉 but still…

      Get Xuefei Yang’s arrangement, that was published with her “Romance de Amor” album… you can find it floating around on the Internet. Search google for something like Xuefei Yang Romance de Amor Score

      • Christopher Davis

        I’m not partial to any arrangement. Whatever you find is probably going to be okay. I think I used the edition on when I learned asturias. But that was four years ago, so I might be way off on that one.

  • alberto

    “In this sick society, if they would sell deep fried racoon ass@#$% on a stick. People would BUY IT and EAT IT. Specially if it comes with salsa to dip it in”.

    I accept the guy is in the media and all, but that some people consider “fools” not to like this joke, its sad in itself. You show me IMG artists or Deutsche Grammophone (Michael Lang) and such, and I’ll show you people who are PEIING THEIR PANTS NOT TO LOSE THEIR JOBS.

    10 years ago the industry (the entire music industry) was worth 14 billion, now = 7 Billion. Deutsche Grammophone is a subdivision of Decca Classics, which is a subdivision of Universal Classics, which is a Subdivision of Universal Music which is one of the companies of VIVENDI group, the media conglomerate ( also owners of Canal +, etc). Do you think they are going to care about quality? or about selling cd’s with a guy who looks like jonas brothers?

    Just saying, just because he appears there, doesnt make him good, or even decent. It just makes him famous, and that is what us classical guitarists can capitalize on. His fame.

    However, the moment that we start admiring this guy for the talents he doesnt have, the sound which sucks (heard David Russell??) and the musicality he completely lacks…then..THEN we are completely scr@#$#d.

    Just an opinion based on arguments. Your opinions, are based on WHAT? IMG? Deutsche Grammophone??

    A piece of music history: The RCA Victor company basically invented the music industry, did the first recordings and was all but invincible 100 years ago. Where is it now?? GONE, EXTINCT, like the dinosaurs. Will deutsche grammophone be much around in the future? Well, lets wait and see.

    • Jack

      What a sore comment. Looser.

      You even dare say about Milos “the sound which sucks (heard David Russell??) and the musicality he completely lacks”.

      And then you go on saying “Just an opinion based on arguments.”

      Well your incoherent rambling and ranting does not some to me as if it has any logical argument, or even a point. I think you’re just having a hard time getting references and are overflowing in envy.

      (Funny but it reminds me of a comment some guy left at classicalguitarreview.)

  • Pete

    I have seen other comments regarding the marketing behind Milos. Either way, I think it is irrelevant. Fame or obscurity are equally arbitrary and should have nothing to do with whether or not you like a particular player.