2011 Tennessee Guitar Competition Winners

2011 Tennessee Guitar Competition Winners

The Tennessee Guitar Festival was held June 1-4, 2011 at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in Murfreesboro, TN. All rounds were free choice, and there was an three-round open division and a two-round youth division.

Open Division Competition Winners

First Prize: Edel Munoz
Second Prize: Jeremy Collins
Third Prize: Erol Ozsever
Forth Prize: Joseph Palmer

edel munoz & bill yelverton
Festival Director William Yelverton (left) & Edel Munoz

Youth Division Competition Winners

First Prize: Sojourner McClure
Second Prize: Veronica Eres
Third Prize: Meade Forsythe

Watch Winner Edel Munoz Play


  • Jeff

    Yippeee! Today is the start of the Koblenz guitar festival.

    Together with Iserlohn and Nürtingen (that one a biennial festival – every 2 years) it’s one of the world’s best classical guitar festivals.

    B there or B ■

  • Jeff

    Everyone’s playing the K208 Scarlatti!
    I like Brouwer’s performance of the piece.
    In fact: Eden seems to be taking his inspiration from Brouwer’s playing as well! 🙂

  • Bodo


    International competition news!

    You may wish to publish the results of the recent Heinsberg Competition 2011 (part of the Heinsberg International Guitar Festival in Germany).

    1st prize: Ian Watt (Scotland)
    2nd prize: Chia-Wei Lin (Taiwan)
    3rd prize: Moriyuki Masuda (Japan)
    4th prize: Pavel Kukhta (Belarus)

    Heinsberg competition is a rather high-level competition, as can be seen from the prizes-winners who came from all over the world… and the fantastic prizes.

    Ian Watt received all 3 prizes:
    Prize of the professional jury: 4000 Euro, and a guitar valued at 6000 Euro (by fantastic German luthier: Karl Heinz Römmich), and numerous concert-engagements, e.g. in Kiew, China and the USA. Oh and a watch from Marcello C.
    Prize of the junior jury: 500 Euro
    Audience-prize: 500 Euro and invitation for performing a concert at next years Heinsberg guitar festival

    2nd prize was 2000 Euro and a watch from Marcello C.

    3rd prize was was 1000 Euro and a watch from Marcello C.

    Details in German: link

    • Gerald

      Thanks Bodo for this news.

      To the blog owner…

      Great that you’re presenting competition winners in blog-posts:
      2011 Tennessee Guitar Competition Winners
      2011 Louisville Guitar Competition Winners

      Yet surely the results of the Heinsberg competition would also be worthy of receivng a mention in their own post?
      -> 2011 Heinsberg Guitar Competition Winners

      I mean – the writeup would take at most a minute, since Bodo has already provided all the information. 😉

    • george

      arteom dervoed gabriel bianco sabrina vlaskalic leata eduard sanel redzici masuda gen gogoncea mircea this are the real guitarist from heinsberg.the competition was arrenged for cia wei lin.they put tree stupid guitarist who don t have any performance so that the student of kapel to win.the scandal was big and they have to give the prize to ian watt.in wich time and world they sing much better then arteom or bianco but where is kapell is cancer .it was a great fiasco and the organizer know this but they allready make the mistake .you make comentary about the value of the prize but how it was geaned is important you don t now nothing about their arengments all the competition from germany are like this that s why you will never see a german guitarist good .go in the hall to see with your eyes they give the prizes like to the circus.all the best

      • John Watson
        John Watson

        This is an interesting post. If the competition was arranged for Chia-Wei Lin, then why didn’t he win 1st prize? Were you at the competition?

  • Jürgen

    International competition news!

    You may wish to publish the results of Heinsberg and Koblenz (read on!) in a new blog-post below:

    The winners of the
    Koblenz International Guitar Competition “Hubert Käppel” 2011

    1st prize: David Dyakov (Bulgaria)
    2nd prize: Chia-Wei Lin (Taiwan)
    3rd prize: Ian Watt (Scotland)

    Other finalists include:
    Tal Hurwitz (Israel) und Natalia Lipnitskaya (Belrus).


    The Koblenz guitar festival, together with Heinsberg festival, Iserlohn festival and Nürtigen festival are really worth a look!

  • Frank

    International competition news!

    – somewhat older from 12 March 2011.

    The winners of the World Guitar Competition are

    1st prize: Eduard Leata (Romania)!
    2nd prize: Ruben Bettencourt (Portugal)
    3rd prize: Sabrina Vlaskalic (Serbia)

    Names of other finalists: link

    Video of Eduard Leata: vid