2011 GFA Competition Winners

2011 GFA Competition Winners

The Guitar Foundation of America convention, along with its International Artist Competition and youth competitions, just concluded yesterday (July 3, 2011).

International Artist Competition Winners

First Prize: Vladimir Gorbach (Russia)
Second Prize: Andras Csaki (Hungary)
Third Prize: Damien Lancelle (France)
Fourth Place: Jeremy Collins (USA)

GFA Competition Winners 2011
The GFA Winners (left to right): Vladimir, Jeremy, Damien, Andras

Watch Winner Vladimir Gorbach Play

Youth Competition Winners – Junior Division

First Prize: Thomas Pfefer (USA)
Second Prize: Ashwin Krishna (USA)
Third Prize: Sergiu Hudrea (Romania)
Fourth Prize: Jisu Lee (Korea)

Youth Competition Winners – Senior Division

First Prize: Xavier Jara (USA)
Second Prize: John Marcel Williams (USA)
Third Prize: Chaconne Klaverenga (USA)
Fourth Prize: Kyle Comer (USA)

Watch Winner Xavier Jara Play


  • Thomas

    Great playing from Vladimir Gorbach!
    He studied with Roberto Aussell in Cologne, Germany!

    By the way… Ginastera’s Sonata was dedicated to Carlos Barbosa-Lima. You can listen to his interpretation here.

    Oh and I really want to here this guy! (Almost too good to be true).

  • Greg

    International competition news.
    The results of the 6th International Ligita Guitar Competition are as follows:

    ***1st prize: Marko Topchii (Ukraine)
    5000 Euro
    Yuichi Imai concert guitar
    Concert at the ligita 2012, Guitar-Symposion Iserlohn 2012, Forum Gitarre Wien 2012

    ***2nd prize: not awarded

    ***3rd prize: Samuel Toro Pérez (Austria)
    1000 Euro
    concert at ligita 2012

    See here for details of the prizes.

    Be sure to listen to Marko Topchii. There’s a reason why no 2nd prize was awarded. Topchii’s playing was so outstanding in comparison to others players. I really mean this: check him out. He’s truly outstanding!

    Source of competition results

    • Christopher Davis

      Guys, really, Stop posting this stuff as comments. It’s off topic. Not that I don’t appreciate the notification, but please email me. It doesn’t validate your email beyond make sure it looks like an email, so you’re still find to hide behind pseudonyms if you so choose.

  • John

    I think it’s good that people are informing us of the results of the Ligita Guitar Competition, which ended just a few days ago (9 July 2011).
    I don’t see how it’s off topic. The Ligita is an important festival, and the competition is a great one, where they are not stingy with their prices (5000 Euro plus a Yuichi Imai concert guitar, and concert engagements at top festivals).

  • hoochie

    ***International Guitar-Symposium Iserlohn
    12th – 19th August 2012
    Iserlohn, Germany

    ***International Guitar-Competition Iserlohn
    9th – 11th August 2012
    Iserlohn, Germany

    ***Koblenz International Guitar Festival
    21st – 28th May 2012
    Koblenz, Germany

    ***International Competition for Chamber Music with Guitar
    16th – 18th March 2012
    Aschaffenburg, Germany

    ***Youth competition Gevelsberg (for classical guitar duo, trio, quartet and quintet)
    24th – 26th February 2012
    Gevelsberg, Germany

    is it possible that you’ve seen information about these festivals before????

    Is so…
    then …
    what the!????

    • Christopher Davis

      I get it, you want me to put up your stuff. I promise that I will.

      But give me a break, dude. This is a volunteer website and I have shit to do other than make sure imaginary people without the balls enough to leave a real name feel warm and fuzzy about their experience here.

      So chill out and stfu.

    • Pedro Frank

      Yeah dude.
      Some fine festivals. But just chill, and respect Chris here. The guys doing a great job, and has a lot of things to do.
      If he says he’ll put the stuff up, he will.
      The way I know him… he’s probably just working on some new wordpress plugin, which allows us to add festivals, by giving all the details, and the blog-owner can the add the data to the main list, with a single button-click. That’s automation!

  • Joe

    Yeah, just look at the festivals pages. There are 6 festivals listed there already.

    Cool site!