2011 Ligita Competition Winners

The The Liechtensteiner Gitarrentage was held July 2-9, 2011 in Liechtenstein. Each round was, for the most part, free choice. During the second, however, competitors had to include one piece by Bach; during the final round, a piece by Regondi was required. The first prize winner received a 5,000 Euro prize, a concert guitar, several concert invitations, and several other items. Third prize was 1,000 Euro prize, strings, and a sheet music voucher.

The Winners

First Prize: Marko Topchii (Ukraine)
Second Prize: Not awarded
Third Prize: Samuel Toro Pérez (Austria)

Watch Winner Marko Topchii Play

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    • Bill

      High level Competitions have certain standards: they don’t just give the best player of the bunch of competitors the 1st prize automatically.

      It sometimes happens that in certain competition years, the level is lower than other years. Then the 1st prize is often not awarded.

      In this case the 2nd prize was not awarded. Hence there was no player of sufficiently high level to make 2nd place, although Topchii was really good enough to be deserving of the 1st prize.

      NOTE: it is only in good competitions where certain prizes are not awarded in some years. The Ligita is a good competition.

  • John Leon

    The 16th “Forum Gitarre Wien” international guitar competition in Vienna was recently held. (The final was on the 3. September 2011.)

    The winners include some fantastic players:
    1st. David Dyakov
    2nd. Eduard Leata
    3rd. Tristan Angenend

    Information (including some of the programs they performed), can be found here: