2011 Sierra Nevada Guitar Competition Winners

2011 Sierra Nevada Guitar Competition Winners

The Sierra Nevada Guitar Competition was held July 14-17, 2011 in Olympic Valley, California. Each of the three rounds of the competition was free choice with a slight variation: each subsequent round had to include a piece not played during the previous round(s). The grand prize was $1,000USD.

The Winners

First Prize: Edel Munoz
Second Prize: Paul Psarras
Third Prize: Matthew Fish
Fourth Prize: Ramon Fermin

Edel Munoz & Matanya Ophee
Matanya Ophee & Winner Edel Munoz

Watch Winner Edel Munoz Play


  • Jeff

    Edel Muñoz is a great guitarist and seems to be winning a large number of competitions.

    He should enter for some larger competitions though: where the overall level is very high. Just recently the Ligita competition was held with results seen here.

    Oh, I’m just wondering: according to which criteria do competition results get mentioned on this website???

    • Christopher Davis

      Time. That’s all it requires: me to have time to do it. I do this site as a volunteer for the most part. Yes, I make a few dollars on advertising. But that’s it.

      And I’m sure Edel appreciates your backhanded compliment.

  • Jeff

    Good ol’ Matanya Ophee’s getting old!

    As I’ve read somewhere: he looks like Santa Clause 😉

  • Jeff

    Check out what Matanya’s got in his shirt-pocket. There’s three pens (you’ve got to be armed) AND…
    …oh look… what’s that on the right? … ah his trusted flask of vodka. 😉

    A fine fellow!

  • Drew

    It bothers me that so many people come on this website and insult the webmaster. Sure, suggestions are always helpful but these subtle pokes are immature. Chris is doing this on his own time for no incentive other than to help the guitar community, so be happy that he’s doing anything at all. If you’re going to be insulting make your own website!

  • Sean Eric Howard
    Sean Eric Howard

    I attended the Sierra Nevada festival this year (as last year). Do not underestimate Edel Munoz. The list of competitions he has won is nothing short of phenomenal. His win in Squaw Valley came on the heels of winning at Eliot Fisk’s Boston GuitarFest. When Edel competes, there is no question of who the winner should be (as in this year’s GFA competition).