New CD from Sharon Isbin (and Steve Vai?)

Sharon Isbin released a new CD on August 30, 2011 titled Sharon Isbin & Friends: Guitar Passions. As the title implies, it’s not just Sharon Isbin. She reached outside the classical guitar realm to pull in the likes of Steve Vai, Nancy Wilson (Heart), Stanley Jordan and others.

The video below includes a bit of Steven Vai and Isbin playing together. Based on that bit, I’d say that this definitely is not your typical classical guitar album.

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  • Jim

    Manuel Barrueco already did this with his CD called Nylon & Steel. Isbin gives herself too much credit for coming up with something completely new…

    • teebs

      you are way to critical. I mean yea, it may not be the first time someone has done this but it takes stones

  • Steven Ulliman
    Steven Ulliman

    Short list (very) of other classical guitarist doing crossover albums:

    Williams Sky starting in the late 1970’s
    Isbin 3 Guitars 3 1995
    Isbin Journey to the Amazon 1997
    Barreuco Nylon & Steel 2001

    Or guitarist who cross into the classical realm or occupy a realm of their own
    Laurindo Almeida
    Charlie Byrd
    Ralph Townwer