2012 Koblenz International Guitar Competition Winners

The 2012 Koblenz Guitar Festival was held May 21-28, 2012. There were three rounds of free choice music — 10, 15, and 30 minutes. Competitors could not repeat pieces from round to round.

The Competition Winners

First Place: Not Awarded
Second Place: Chia-Wei Lin (Taiwan)
Third Place: Anton Baranov (Russia)

Giuseppe Zinchiri (Italy) won the Premio Joaquín Rodrigo award for the best interpretation of a work by Joaquín Rodrigo.

Watch Chia-Wei Lin Play

Watch Anton Baranov Play



  • Peter

    Interesting to see that no 1st place was awarded.
    This is often the sign of a good competition! Only if the playing level is high enough, is the first place awarded.
    I mean… the 1st place winner would have won (amonst many other things) a concert in Carnegie Hall New York City and ten concerts in Germany!
    If the playing level is not there, the 1st prize is simply not awarded.

  • Frank

    Some competition news:

    Winners of the “5th International Guitar-Competition Iserlohn” 2012 are:
    1. Artyom Dervoed (Russia)
    2. Chia-Wei Lin (Taiwan)
    3. David Dyakov (Bulgaria) and Fabian Freesen (Germany) — tied
    4. Sabrina Vlaskalic (Serbia)

    Prize for the best interpretation of a work by Bach was awarded to: Mateus Dela Fonte (Brazil)


  • Frank

    Oh and the winners of the “International Guitar Competition Nürtingen 2012” are:
    1. Tal Hurwitz
    2. Fabian Freesen
    3. Aleksi Rajala