2012 Montreal International Classical Guitar Competition Winners

2012 Montreal International Classical Guitar Competition Winners

The 2012 Montreal Classical Guitar Festival & Competition was held April 27-29, 2012. The competition itself was open to all ages, provided the competitors weren’t under major management. There were three rounds (Qualification, Semi-finals, Finals) of all free choice music.

International Division Competition Winners

First Place: Brendan Evans
Second Place: Max Zuckerman
Third Place: Brent Crawford

Brendan Evans
Brendan Evans

Youth Competition Winners

First Place: David Steinhart
Second Place: Simon Parenteau

Watch Winner Brendan Evans Play


  • Patricia Jankowski
    Patricia Jankowski

    Within ten seconds of the beginning of this video, I had goosebumps. Off and on, throughout my chaotic life, I have been a student of the classical guitar, which I feel is probably the world’s most beautiful and versatile instrument. I go back and forth with my practice, often because of a rather neurotic tendency on my part to be overwhelmed by the fact that I cannot achieve technical heights of this caliber.

    But when I listen to a player this good, I forget all about that, and at least for a moment, I remember that there can be power beyond measure in one simple pause, in one simple choice of phrasing.

    And I pick up the instrument, again.

    Thank you, Mr. Evans.