Luis [Luys] de Narvaez (fl.1526-49)

Los seys libros de Delphin Narvaez
Page from Los seys libros de Delphin

The date of Narváez’s birth is unknown. We do know he was born in Granada and his first job was in Valladolid working in the household of Francisco de los Cobos. After his patron’s death in 1547, Narvaez was employed at the Royal Chapel.

During his lifetime, Narvaez was highly regarded, especially as a vihuelist. It was said he could improvise four parts over another written four.

Nearly all of Narvaez’s music is published in his book, Los seys libros del delphín. Written in tablature similar to Italian lute sources, the book contains differencias (variation sets), intabulations of vocal works, fantasias and some accompanied vocal works.

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Notable Concert Works by Narvaez

Gudarme las Vacas (differencias)

Conde Claros (differencias)

la Cancion del Emperador (intabulation of Josquin’s Mille Regretz)

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