Robert de Visée (c.1655 – 1732/33)

robert de visee

Robert de Visée was a lutenist, guitarist, viol player, singer, and composer. He likely got some of his musical training from Francesco Corbetta. The first mention of Visée is from 1680, right around the time that he became a musician at the court of Louis XIV, king of France. It appears Visée did extremely well at court: the diaries of several courtiers mention him, and it was known he played for the King regularly before bed. It wasn’t until 1719 that de Visée was appointed official guitar teacher to the king, after teaching Louis guitar for more than two decades.

Visée published two books of guitar music, both dedicated to the king. Between the two are 12 complete suites, most beginning with an Allemande, Courante, and Sarabande. Visée’s music is some of the best examples of French Baroque guitar music we have today.

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Suite in D minor