7 Ways to Improve Your Guitar Playing This Summer

  1. Add 15 minutes of practice to your practice day. Micro practice sessions can be extremely effective, and anyone can find 15 minutes of extra practice time!
  2. Start a practice log. Why? There are lots of good reasons.
  3. Take a day off. We all love to practice, but the rest between practice sessions is just as important as the practice time itself. I recommend practicing six days per week.
  4. Make sight reading a part of your daily routine. Seriously, drop a few minutes of scale practice and read some music. Remember to force yourself to look ahead.
  5. Listen. Listen to non-guitar music and guitar music. Listen to everything. Explore different composers, and try discover works you’ve never heard before. Passive listening is okay, but try to get some solid active listening in as well.
  6. Book a performance. Music is meant to be shared, and anyone can do the sharing. Booking a performance provides a goal and a worthwhile experience. You never know if a piece is truly “ready” until it is performed. Here are some tips on preparing for a performance.
  7. Prepare your left hand for movements. The key to being accurate is preparation and thinking ahead. Hover left hand fingers over strings or prep them on string wherever possible. Sequencing the left hand is a powerful thing.

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  • Patrick Ards
    Patrick Ards

    Excellent advice Christopher…thanks a lot for posting…

  • Joseph Krygier

    As always, thanks for the emails. I am an older player and greatly appreciate your tips.
    You truly do have a teacher’s perspective and gifts.
    Tonight I am off to the Faletta International Guitar Concerto Competition finals here in Buffalo NY.
    PS. Not a finalist – Ha. But will be enjoying it all.