Free Stuff: Tremolo Exercises 1

I’ve never really worked on tremolo; it didn’t really interest me. But for the last few weeks I’ve been making an earnest effort to improve my mediocre tremolo skills.

Tremolo is very similar to an arpeggio, but requires more precision and more careful preparation in the right hand. To that end, you can apply several practice methods that work for Arpeggios.


The one that has helped me the most with tremolo is the first: starting with different fingers. Essentially these exercises work you through four patterns: p a m i, a m i p, m i p a, i p a m. Doing this forces an accent to different fingers, and helps even out the tremolo.

As I work more on tremolo, I’m sure I’ll add more things that have helped me. Stay tuned over the next few months!

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  • Pete

    I love your approach to breaking down technique into smaller pieces. Likewise, the post on cross-string AIMP trills was really helpful. However I have a general question about developing tremolo:

    Considering the amount of practice/drilling required to develop the technique and the amount of tremolo pieces available to play, do you think it is a worthwhile investment of practice time?

    Apologies if I am oversimplifying or just being lazy:) but this is the main reason I haven’t spent more time on it honestly. Let me know your thoughts.