Play Golf with David Russell (and Help Some Kids Learn Guitar)

David Russell, in addition to being an amazing guitarist, is a golfer.

Right now the Austin Classical Guitar Society is running an auction for a evening of guitar music, a lunch, and a round of golf for three with David Russell.

All the proceeds of the auction go right into the ACGS education outreach program.

If you happen to be in the Austin, TX (and have some dollars to spare), check out this auction.

What Comes with the Package?

If you win this auction you’ll get…

  • 6 concert tickets to Russell’s concert on April 2, 2011
  • Lunch for three with David
  • 18 holes of golf for three with David at Barton Creek Resort

The Real Question…

If you play golf with David Russell, do you let him win?

From what I understand, Russell is an amazing golfer. So maybe it won’t matter. If you’re in Austin, click here for the chance to let David Russell kick your butt at golf.

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  • George Mulin
    George Mulin

    you’ve written “All the proceeds of the auction go right into the ACGS education outreach program. ”

    But I can see no evidence that this is the case.
    Nowhere does the “Austin Classical Guitar Society” directly mention what happens with the proceeds.

    As far as I’m concerned, the money might go more towards paying the good invited performers than any “outreach”.
    There’s nothing wrong with that anyway.

    • Christopher Davis

      Sorry, George, should have mentioned my source! Matt Hinsley told me about where the proceeds are going in an email.

      Regarding the imagery, I’m sure they had the performers in for concerts at some point. Their logo, however, is only the thing further to the left — the text.

  • George Mulin
    George Mulin

    PS: Why does the “Austin Classical Guitar Society” have images of Vidović and Yamashita on it’s webpage logo???

  • Matthew Hinsley

    Great Questions George!

    Yes, David has generously donated his time for this auction to support our education program. Our program builds school guitar programs directly in Austin and helps with curriculum development in programs all around North America. We currently have over 700 students in 18 schools in Austin alone. And seeing all those kids takes resources! So the proceeds from this auction will go directly toward supporting our faculty who perform those services. Barton Creek has also donated the round of golf – so the auction proceeds will go to good use!

    As far as Vidovic and Yamashita… Yamashita opened our last concert season with a phenomenal concert and Vidovic is a regular guest in Austin, performing twice last year alone here: once on our International Series and then again when we hosted GFA. The banner is actually set to change next month….

    Thanks for your questions,

    Matt Hinsley