Adrian Le Roy (c.1520-1598)

Renaissance Guitar Composer Adrian Le Roy
Adrian Le Roy

Adrian Le Roy was born in Northern France. Not much is known about Le Roy’s formative years, but he, like many others of his generation, probably got his training as a chorister. Le Roy left us four volumes of four-course guitar music and several more books of lute music.

In 1551, Adrian Le Roy and his cousin, Robert Ballard, got into the publishing business when Henri II granted him a license. Later that decade, Le Roy and Ballard were awarded the title of Royal Music Printer, and royal patronage become a crucial part of the firms success.

Adrian’s function as the Le Roy/Ballard firm was that of an artistic director. He made sure only the good stuff got published. That included, of course, Le Roy’s own works: six volumes of lute music, five books for four-course guitar, and much more.

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