Simon Gorlier (fl.1550-1584)

Little is known of Simon Gorlier, but we do know that he didn’t much like the guitar. In the preface to his first book of four-course guitar music, Troysieme livre, Gorlier apologizes for publishing the book and discusses the guitar’s limitations. In other publications, Gorlier calls the guitar a small instrument not worth the time he has devoted to it.

Simon Gorlier, in addition to disliking the guitar, was in the music publishing business. In the late 1550’s, he was granted a license to publish music in Lyon, France. He published several books by himself and others.

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Notable Repertoire Pieces by Simon Gorlier

Not many of Gorlier’s works have made it to the standard, modern repertoire, but Valery Valéry Sauvage provides an example below.

Renaissance Four-Course Guitar Composers